November 9, 2016

"Christina's honest, and -strange as it may seem- LOVES what she does! I'm glad she's so devoted to doing her job well, and that she takes pride in a job well done."
November 9, 2016

"Christina is an amazing tax accountant. Quick turn around as well. After years of struggling with taxes, she's helped me to understand what I needed to do to start receiving refunds again. What I love most is that she has a strong moral compass and operates with the highest ethical standards. She takes the time to know her clients. I have recently moved to Oregon, and will continue to use her services. She's worth every penny!"
July 29, 2015

"Christina is professional and extremely knowledgable I would highly recommend her."
March 1, 2015

"She is excellent and has great rapport with clients. She does an excellent job."
September 11, 2014

"I've known Tina for many years, but I only began using her services about 15 years ago. I've always known her to be a person of integrity, but now I can attest to her business acumen as well. When my papers are done, I know that they're correct and complete (or that she'll come with me to explain any questions regarding their preparation). Doing taxes cannot be fun (it certainly isn't MY cup of tea, although she seems to enjoy it), but she delivers with a smile."